The division labelling systems ist the most recent and ninth division of the POSSEHL group. This is the result of a targeted buy-and-build-strategy, which was consequently followed in recent years. The achieved milestones in this process: strong growth, targeted expansion, 8-fold valuation.

The aim of the PID: To identify industries and technology sectors and gradually building them up. Within a targeted buy-and-build-strategy a strong sector relational to print & apply and labelling systems was built and became an own division. Dietrich Barsch, CEO of PID: “Along with the management teams of the individual subsidiaries we are proud, that we are now – after a buy-and-build-strategy of several years – are able to operate as an independent ninth division within the POSSEHL Group.”



The first milestone was the acquisition of Logopak, a specialist in print & apply systems for the labelling of products. Other potential in this area quickly became apparent – in terms of both geographic and technical additions. The buy-and-build decision for labelling systems was the logical consequence.

In 2014, the Danish LSS was bought – and with it a strong footprint in Scandinavia and expertise in the pharmaceutical sector. The spin-off of the German NOVEXX Solutions from the American Avery Group followed in 2015. The worldwide partner network as well as suitable additions to the product portfolio were strategically valuable for this area in particular. The most recent milestones are the acquisition of the Italian company EIDOS and the Swedish label manufacturer Nordvalls.

“Every company has its own strengths and a fundamental position in the market. Each could work well on its own – but as a group, we are significantly increasing the impact”, commented Tobias Krauss. And the facts support PMB’s approach.


As an interim highlight of the growth story, the labelling systems division has now been established as a ninth, proprietary business division within the POSSEHL Group. The decision paved the way for the 100 million EUR turnover volume to be exceeded and an outlook for further growth. In only six years, the value of the company cluster was increased by a factor of 8. With a total of EUR 125 million in turnover, the labelling Systems division now operates with 750 employees in 11 countries.

This development is closely linked to Dietrich Barsch, who has been responsible for Logopak and NOVEXX Solutions within PMB from the outset and has also contributed significantly to the recent acquisitions of EIDOS and Nordvalls. Dietrich Barsch, who heads the entire business division today, looks positively toward the future: “With the recent acquisitions, we are in a very good position to further strengthen each company and the entire business. We will continue to focus on a healthy, long-term-oriented combination of organic growth and strategic effects.”