Location: Denmark

Sector: Plant construction

Key industries: Pharmaceutical, paints and varnishes

Acquisition year: 2014

Within the framework of the buy-and-build strategy for the labelling Systems division, the Danish company LSS Etikettering A/S was taken over in full in 2014. This purchase established a strong footprint in Scandinavia as well as expertise in the pharmaceutical sector. Founded over 35 years ago, the company employed 30 employees at this time and generated an annual turnover of around EUR six million. Through many years of quality-oriented work, development and innovation, LSS A/S (Labelling Systems Scandinavia) has positioned itself as the leading manufacturer of labelling solutions in Scandinavia. The main focus is on the pharmaceutical, paint and varnish industries, where the LSS systems apply labelling directly to the products such as bottles, syringes and buckets.
“While we have focused on the labelling of packaging and surrounding packaging, LSS can print the individual product directly with relevant data and thus perfectly complements our portfolio. At the same time, LSS can benefit from the strong service and sales team of companies which already belonging to PID.”Dietrich Barsch, POSSEHL Identification Solutions


LSS Etikettiering A/S
Normansvej 8
DK-8920 Randers NV
Tel: +45 7020 2500
Fax: +45 7020 1044