What makes us the right partner for succession solutions for SMEs? We are neither listed nor financed by private investors. That keeps us independent of the drive toward short-term success common with other investors. As a 100% subsidiary of L. Possehl & Co. mbH, we are committed to a 175-year entrepreneurial tradition – and are financially independent. So we can continue your lifetime work over the long term.

Long-term oriented

We believe in sustainable, steady corporate development and long-term success – in line with the basic values ​​of the POSSEHL Group, which is also oriented toward long-term success.

Focused on SMEs

There is no doubt that the middle class – and therefore SMEs – are and will continue to be the mainstay of the German economy. Small companies in particular can develop under the umbrella of PID independently and over the long term.

Financially independent

PID is embedded in the financially strong POSSEHL Group. This allows us to finance acquisitions from 100% equity and offer PMB companies high flexibility without bank borrowing.

Succession Specialist

Every responsible entrepreneur wants to know his or her lifework is in good hands. We understand these goals and concerns and speak the same language, not least because we are also an SME. Our promise: We focus on long-term gains and sustainable development.


Our network offers added value. We promote continuous exchange between the affiliates of the division so they can learn from each other. We also create value-adding platforms and provide common infrastructures. PMB acts as a service provider and impulse provider.

Strong in innovation

We strengthen our companies in a targeted manner to meet the challenges of the future. To this end, we are actively investing in innovation and competence building – for example, around industry 4.0. That is because we do not see digitalisation as a threat but as an opportunity – and we support our investments accordingly.



Stratgey and Philosophy

Our strategy follows our corporate principles. As a long-term investor, we are convinced that only a high degree of autonomy and direct responsibility on the part of the management team are appropriate to continue the success of a small or medium-sized company. Without constant interference by new owners. Without unnecessary overheads. But with numerous additional opportunities which we offer through common initiatives and platforms.


The basis of cooperation

Our work is characterised by transparency and entrepreneurship from the first contact. Owners and management appreciate that we act carefully but also always pragmatically. With great benefits for everyone involved:

Transaction security

A realistic, fair offer – from the beginning. That is something you can rely on. We stick to our first offer and do not make promises that we will not keep later.

Solid financing

Thanks to the financial strength of the POSSEHL Group, we generally finance our purchases from our own capital. Where reasonable and possible we settle bank liabilities. Leveraged buyouts are alien to us.


In line with the strategy of the entire POSSEHL Group, we are oriented towards the long term. In contrast to other private equity investors, we are not looking for fast growth along with an exit strategy.

POSSEHL network

Despite the independence of the companies, all members of POSSEHL Identification Solutions benefit from our network, e.g. from close exchange between companies or through shared platforms.