Location: Sweden

Sector: Printing technology

Key industries: Medicines, food and beverages, logistics and transport, chemical engineering and cosmetics, wood, paper and paper pulp, industry

Acquisiton year: 2017

In April 2017, PID was able to further strengthen its market position in the area of ​​automated marking and identification solutions by acquiring Nordvalls Etikett AB, Sweden’s leading label manufacturer. Nordvalls was founded in 1907 and was already a third-generation family-run business until the takeover by PID. The product portfolio includes all types of self-adhesive labels –  from simple information labels to highly refined decorative labels – as well as tickets & tags, multi-sheet labels, variable-code security labels, in-mould labels and other packaging materials. The major customer industries are medicines, food and beverages, logistics and transportation, chemical engineering and cosmetics, wood, paper and paper pulp as well as industry. The company employs more than 100 people at its production sites in Sjöbo and Kungälv and the sales offices in Jöngköping, Norrköping, Stockholm and Hamburg. The annual turnover in 2016 was around EUR 23 million.
“We have the financial strength and thus the right resources, which will help Nordvalls with its profitable further, long-term development.”Dietrich Barsch, POSSEHL Identification Solutions


Nordvalls Etikett AB
Planteringsgatan 46
SE-275 33 Sjöbo
Tel: 010-1691700