Novexx Solutions

Locations: Europe, America, Asia

Business: Mechanical engineering

Key industries: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care,
Chemistry, Logistics

Acquisition year: 2015

NOVEXX Solutions stands for outstanding products and individual overall solutions when it comes to industrial identification and identification along the supply chain. As a former division of Avery Dennison, NOVEXX Solutions combines 50 years of world-class expertise with the agility of a powerful, mid-sized company. NOVEXX Solutions develops and produces in Eching near Munich and is represented with eleven locations worldwide on three continents.

In March 2015, PMB acquired the Industrial Print and Apply ("IPA") labeling and accessories business from the US group Avery Dennison. From then on, the IPA business was run under the company name NOVEXX Solutions.

“It is particularly gratifying that this is a sustainable, healthy and profitable growth and we are confident that we will continue on this successful path with the acquisition of IPA.”Mario Schreiber, member of the executive board of the POSSEHL Group


Novexx Solutions GmbH
Ohmstraße 3
D-85386 Eching
Tel: +49 (0) 81659250