Responsibility & Sustainability

We strive to build a more sustainable future, recognize the environmental and social risks our activities can bring and we take our responsibility to protect the planet and our communities seriously.
We are delighted to share that PID has made great strides in our environmental initiatives. In the past year, we have obtained Ecovadis rating for most of our companies, implemented carbon footprint reduction objectives and projects throughout all businesses, and started transitioning to renewable electricity and heating.
Here you can find the PID ESG Sustainability Report, summarizing these initiatives over the past year. It is sorted by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with economic, environmental, and social focus.
PID sustainability report

Responsibility & Sustainability
Our Compliance
Our work is characterized by transparency and entrepreneurship from the first contact. We act collaborative and solution-oriented and in a respectful and open way with each other.
All employees of Possehl Identification Solutions (PID) are required to comply with applicable laws and internal company regulations. To ensure compliant behaviour, we have established PID group-wide * compliance minimum requirements as well as appropriate prevention and control measures.
* POSSEHL Identification Solutions (PID) is a part of the POSSEHL Group.
Responsibility & Sustainability
With the implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Act, we offer suppliers, customers, partners, and employees the opportunity to report incidents anonymously.
In addition to applicable laws, all employees of the PID-Group are required to comply with internal company regulations. Therefore, this code of conduct has been established and applies to all employees within the POSSEHL group.